About the Show

What you Need to know about Every Show:

I think of customer satisfaction like a pyramid with the base being an astonishing and entertaining magic show. This base and foundation has been built with the finest material I have been able to find, practice, and perfect over the past fifteen years; rest assured that the magic I perform will serve it’s main purpose and mystify you. Every time I mention a magic show, whether it’s for kids or adults, remember this fact – it will save me from having to be redundant.

Each magic show that I perform is individually customized to suit the needs of everyone’s unique venue and occasion. I will spend time with you discussing the performance space, audience, occasion, personal preferences, and other factors that will allow me to tailor a show that is guaranteed to get your friends, family, and guests excited and smiling. Each show features a blend of comedy, prestidigitation, and mind-reading designed to enthrall and entertain.

When you book a show with me, you get more “on top of” the magic than most other magician can offer you. You get peace of mind. I guarantee a show that:

  • Starts on time
  • Is clean and family friendly
  • Makes you look good.
  • Meets your unique goals, needs, and constraints.
You don’t have to take my word for it either. Send me an e-mail today and ask for references; I’ll be more than happy to provide them!

Most Popular Show Options:

This list of show options is by no means exhaustive and I will work with you to meet your needs on a show-by-show basis. Everything from show length to the individual tricks performed in the show can be customized to make the performance perfectly suited for your event.

  • One-Hour kid’s birthday bundle: For birthday parties with up to 20 kids this bundle offers a forty minute magic show and twenty minutes of balloon animals. Each show uses magic and comedy to also teach kids life lessons while they have fun helping me on stage and make the magic happen themselves. The birthday boy/girl receives a magician’s assistant certificate during the show to proudly hang in their room and a magic trick gift to practice and show their friends. A 30 minutes-of-magic/30 minutes-of-balloons derivative of the show is offered for birthday parties with up to 30 kids, as well as another derivative with just forty minutes of magic for audiences of more than 30.
  • Up-To-One-Hour Adult Shows: Perfect for office parties, weddings (and rehearsal dinners), or just regular get-togethers for July 4th, the Winter Holidays, or plain fun. Let’s face it, there’s very little that creates a moment of wonder for adults. My goal is to bring back that moment of wonder and astonishment at least once for every member of the audience using some of the best magic that I’ve developed over the past few years.  Each show mixes regular magic and mind-reading magic, and don’t worry, unlike most magicians I won’t embarrass you or any audience member on stage to make people laugh at your expense. If I make fun of anyone, it will be me! I’ll make you and your friends laugh, smile and have fun. I’ll also make your jaws drop.
  • Walk-Around “Strolling” shows: These shows reflect the needs of our fast-paced society. If your event does not have the time or the need for a formal 30, 45, or 60 minute show, but you still want there to be magic, this is the show type we’ll discuss. Perfect for cocktail hours, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events “strolling” magic allows me to entertain small groups of people for short periods of time with magic that happens in their hands. Strolling magic can be done group-to-group at standing cocktail receptions or table-to-table while people eat. The magic happens with borrowed bills and coins, cards, and other small props just feet away from your and your guests’ eyes.

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