Hi everyone and thank you for coming to my site to consider me for providing entertainment at your event! Before you begin browsing the site, especially for those who don’t have time and need the “short story version,”  I’d like to share the most important parts of my show with you:

  1. Professionalism is the most important thing you receive when you hire me
  2. The show always starts on time
    • I will always arrive at least half an hour prior to the show to begin setup of all props. I do not accept offers for which I could not comfortably arrive at your location on-time based on my schedule.
  3. The show is always age-appropriate
    • There’s clearly a big difference between a show for an adult audience versus a family/children’s party. You will not find any vulgarity or inappropriate language in any show that has a children in the audience; I do not want you to have to start teaching them new words!
  4. You can customize, to an extent
    • I am willing to work with you and the parameters you set. Need a Harry-Potter themed show? Sure thing (in fact, it’s already been done)! Need a Harry Potter themed show where I’m able to make Dumbledore appear on stage, levitate, fly through the audience, and then vanish into thin air? …You might need to call someone else at Hogwarts 🙂 Similarly, shows for Christmas, New Years, etc.. will all be slightly customized to fit the “theme” of the night — you don’t want to have a “boxed” show just as much as I don’t want to perform a “boxed” show for the 1,000th time!
  5. No matter what, it’s always a fun show and a great time!
    • Feel free to contact me at david@davidrysin.com or call me at 617-347-0907 to discuss how I can make your event more fun and memorable for everyone involved, and to provide references upon request.

Overview Video:

Please browse through my site, but if you don’t have the time just e-mail or call me today!

david@davidrysin.com or 617-347-0907

~David Rysin